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If you disagree you are wrong

Let's talk

Everybody Disagrees
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This is the LJ Community where everybody disagrees. This is the community where you can post on any subject without any fear of people agreeing with you simply to be agreeable. If you like good discussion but don't like when people give in simply to get you to shut up please join. Hopefully this community will have genuinely thoughtful discussions where everyone can express their point of view. Here are the rules, if you don't like them please say so.

1.) Argue. If you don't agree with a post please comment.

2.) All posts must include opinions.
a. Adding facts to your post is encouraged and appreciated.

3.) Anyone may post, but remember to be disagreeable.
a. If you are not in the mood to disagree please check out our sister community everybodyagrees

4.) Separate posts may express the same opinion of the same topic (i.e.- One post may state "Puppies are cute", and the next separate post may state that "Puppies are adorable.") This is acceptable, unless the post directly agrees with another (i.e.- "I agree with the previous post about puppies.")

5.) Seperate posts may express differeing opinions of the same topic (i.e.-One post may state "Puppies are cute", and the next seperate post may state "Puppies are hideous".) There only exception to this rule is if the second post attacks the author of the first post.

6.) No posting battles. Let's keep discussions under the original post.

7.) Keep personal attacks to a minimum. The moderator gets to decide what is too far. If a member goes too far once they will be warned, a second infraction of rule 7 will result in immediate banning.

8.) Harrassing someone in their personal journal will result in immediate banning from this community.

9.) Hopefully this won't become an issue but in the event of an extreme conflict, you must agree with the moderator: thebigbadbutch.

10.) thebigbadbutch is always right